Sweet Fried Plantains

The other day i tried a familiar Filipino desert call Turon. The classic fried banana wrapped in lumpia or very thin spring rolls with a hint of sugar.  But mine is totally different. 

I slice up the plantains like pencils, thin and about the size of a finger.  Then i take 4 or five pieces, sprinkle about one teaspoon of dark brown sugar. If your going for the good stuff, don't do lite. and the secret ingredient, is cinnamon sugar from the dollar tree.  then i would wrap in up, with just a small amount of scramble egg to glue up the ends. Or you an use a paste of flour and water if you don't have any.  And make sure you roll it tight, in the end it will look like a regular spring roll or Lumpia, but inside when its fried is a crispy skin, with sweet goodness that dazzles your taste and you can't wait for more. 

It was gone before the party ended, and i had to make more during the party. Who knew, but it was worth the try. 

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5 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Sounds delicious!! I might have to steal your recipe :D

There's nothing better than fried plantations. Well maybe deep fried.


Mmm ... sounds delightful.<br />
<br />
I served fried plantains to company last night. I just cut them into chunks about 20mm (3/4 in) long, deep-fried them golden, and let people season them with salt and tabasco to taste. That sweet/salt/hot combination is unbeatable.

I hate to say it, but for some reason felipino food makes me throw up - I get sick every time I try to eat it. It is the only kind of ethnic food I can not eat.