Dinner Tonight Was Great!!!!!

I thoroughly enjoy cooking.  I joined a website a few years back called Allrecipes.com.  It really is fantastic.  There are so many recipes there that are tried and proven to be delicious.  Last week I tried a terriake dish, and an Asian salad.  They were both quite good.

I'm not a large woman but, I do love great food.  I am 5'1, 125lbs.  It seems that I'm never excited to eat when the food is not to my standards or liking.  I prefer cooking at home because I'm too often disappointed with resteraunts.  When I do go out to eat, I always choose the resteraunts that are tried and I'm sure I'll like them.  Don't get me wrong, I will experient with different foods and places but, I expect a delicious meal.  Nothing is worse than a poorly executed meal. 

Today I spent quite a bit of time watching the food network.  There is a show called "Chopped" that I was very excited about.  I was cheering and upset when the commercials ran.  So, you know I was really into it.  I watched two episodes then decided I was hungry myself.  I began my feat in the kitchen.  Today I prepared delicious home-made dinner rolls, and incredible multi-colored pasta salad with chicken and cucumbers.  I made the vingarette dressing for it as well.  I then used my food processor to make Al Gratin potatoes and my food chopper to mince four cloves of garlic which I later used to make a butter and garlic paste to melt over the sirlon steaks Mr. ICL grilled on our tiny propane grill that we normally take to the park when we watch the live concerts.  Everything was perfect, I can honestly say I am proud of how well everything came together.  Oh, as a veggie we had what my family calls pole beans.  I'm stuffed like a fat cat.   Thanks for reading.

For the pasta salad I used Wacky Mac. Its fun for the kids, they love it.

I made a salad dressing using apple cider vinager, sugar, italian seasoning, Mrs. Dash salad seasoning, and olive oil. 

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Jul 25, 2010