So I believe I suffer from Insomnia... I was watching the food network channel and Good Eats was on... He was making a syrup or a glaze...And then it hit me that I can use that same technique to make my flan!!! So at midnight I started making my flan it was done by 2... I wanted to bake a cake afterwards but I ran out of eggs.... Plus my husband is the only one who eats what I bake bc I am not a big fan of eating sweets, BUT I LOVE making them =)
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Love to see what dish starts at 4 am...LOL

I know thats why I stay away from the cakes and sweets... But I love to bake and create new dishes lol favorite is pecan tarts..they had some at the bakery today & I didn't get any..sob..I drooled & walked away. It was the best decision.Each tart is a gem at almost 400 calories. No way I'm eating just one. :>(

I make an amazing Pumpkin Cheesecake that my friends are excited about this year lol... I want to attempt some pecan tarts... Im excited for Thanksgiving!!! lol

I love it too. The best cooking and baking season isn't far away..autumn with all the fabulous spices..cinnamon! Just thinking about harvest apples and pumpkin pie is wonderful.