Food For The Soul

I find few things more satisfying than cooking a meal for my family. It provides nourishment and comfort to the ones I love. It gives me instant gratification – in creating something lovely and delicious, from nothing but raw ingredients – and, in the compliments from my husband and son, or anyone else who happens by that I can share with.

A homemade meal brings so much good to life, aside from the obvious satiation of hunger. There is a reason the kitchen is called the heart of a home. People congregate there, to chat and, perhaps, sneak something tasty before the meal begins. It is warm and inviting – delightful aromas drawing you in and the pleasant company keeping you there. For me, anyway, it is really difficult to stay in a bad mood when I’m cooking. :)

I love trying new recipes and developing my own. Only recently, I have begun to master bread making – that has become my new favorite hobby. There is always something new to learn and experience. Cooking offers food for the soul as much for the body.
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2 Responses May 4, 2012

So true. I find it so relaxing so long as I'm not tired. It's fun to play around with it... see what you have that needs to be used and surprise yourself. I love making Pizza personally, haven't tried making bread yet. Have you ever made sourdough bread?<br />
I've noticed when I watch television advertisements always have families eating and laughing as it is something most of us can relate to. It just proves how much of an essential part of life it is, you're lucky if you have good people in your life that like good food.

I agree. Cooking is good for the soul.