Baking In The Early Morn

I'm not going to tell you a story about how I used to cook and bake with both of my parents. After transferring colleges, I had visited a friend of mine who moved into his grandmother's house to take care of her since she had Alzheimer's. She used to bake... I mean she used to bake alot. The kitchen was decorated in tins and glassware. I was looking over the pie Pyrex and my friend just offered me the 3 pie plates the cork plate-mat. My friend's new residence is roughly 2 hours away but when I get home all I could think about was trying the new plates out. I texted a few friends and put it on my facebook status that I was baking apple pie starting at 1:30am Saturday morning. Of all the facebook comments and texts back, only Trish texted back since she's a bartender. She closed up as early as possible and came down. We made the dough from scratch while taking shots of Jim Beam and made a great pie. She left around 3:30 in the last 15 minutes of baking but it was 2 her loss since she said she would back around lunch to try it. Between my 2 roommates and me, it was gone. I love the fact I have a friend who knows me and my kitchen skills well enough that if I'm baking at 2am, it's going to be fun with great and tasty results.
Arimatheus Arimatheus
26-30, M
May 8, 2012