2008 Thanksgiving

 For the first time in  4 years I was able to prepare a Holiday meal on Thanksgiving.

The reason that I couldn't cook was that I was enduring multiple eye surgeries. Which resulted in my having my left eye removed and a prosthetic put in its place. No more pain. I am able to get on with my life.

The week before Thanksgiving I prepared all the old family recipes. I made 12 dozen pecan pralines, 7 sour cream coffee cakes and three lemon sponge pies. Which I gave to friends and family.

We invited 10 people for dinner, I set the table with alternating place settings of my aunts china and mine. The table looked beautiful. Prepared the dinner following all the traditions and recipes  that my mother had set forth during the time when she was able to prepare the holiday meals. 

It was the best holiday I have had in a long time. It brought back the wonderful memories of my mother, grandmother and aunts who taught me how to make all these wonderful dishes and share them with our friends. I even sent home the recipes with everyone who attended.

I can't wait to do it again for Christmas.

In these tough times don't buy meaningless gifts that no one wants or needs. Bring everyone together and make memories and renew old traditions.

Happy wonderful holidays!




yorkiemom yorkiemom
1 Response Dec 7, 2008

Thank you for your lovely comments. I hope you will have Holidays full of memories also.