Ive Been Cooking For Years and Still Love It

Ive been cooking for most of my life. Since I live in motel that doesnt have a full kitchen I volunteer at clubhouse for those who have mental illness which im a member at. Ive been doing that for about a month and I totally love it. I recently achieved a goal of getting my Foodsafe. Due to my experience in the kitchen and cooking for large groups of people we serve about 30 people lunches 6 days a week and 2 dinners a week Ive been told Im a vauable asset in the kitchen. I have a great recipe for banana muffins which I have to bake at least 2 times a week and my bannock is also a favorite too. Its great how I can experiement in the kitchen and people love it.

bilow72 bilow72
41-45, F
Mar 7, 2009