Yummy Healthy Soup! :)

Alright, basically the rules are you can put in as many vegetables as you want (and what you like) because it makes a big batch of soup.

How I make my soup is:

1 small bag of carrots

1 onion

1 green bell pepper

4 or 5 stalks of celery

1 bag of frozen corn

1 bag of frozen peas

Chop up the carrots, celery, onion, bell pepper and throw it in a big pot. Pour the whole bag of corn and peas in (we love corn and peas).

You'll need these seasonings:

Chicken or beef bouillon cubes (1 cube for every cup of water- you want to add enough water to the soup that it covers the veggies and more. Last time I made this I used 11 cups.)


Minced garlic


parsley flakes

seasoned pepper (or regular pepper, but we love seasoned)

So you've got your veggies in a pot, start adding the water. You want it to be soupy not stewy, so be sure to add enough. If it's too watery you can always add bouillon to give it more flavor.

Let the veggies boil on high for a good ten minutes- then turn your burners down so it simmers. Start adding seasoning.

Put in a pinch of basil, salt and garlic. (Not much because they add a LOT of flavor and you don't want it to be overly garlic, salty or basily.)

Add a small palmful of parsley flakes (they're not particularly strong but they look nice and do add flavor), and seasoned pepper. (We LOVE seasoned pepper so we add a lot).

let it simmer until the veggies are soft. Once they're soft you're done, and you have a lot of soup! 

The garlic and the pepper give it a kick so it's not bland or boring. :)

Konrad Konrad
22-25, M
6 Responses Apr 16, 2009

wow that sounds really good and healthy lol , do you think it would be just as good if there was squash or zucchini added ???

make me some that sounds good lol

wow this sounds really good...i wanna try it!

Ha ha, yeah. I didn't put any meat in it because I wanted it to be low fat. My man is trying to lose weight so no starches either.

I love making home made soup, but I put a bunch of beans in it. It lasts us for a week. I always blacken chicken to put into it too. If I don't then my husband thinks I am secretly trying to make him into a vegetarian. He is what I would call "paranoid" about it, since he only eats what I feed him.

What time is dinner?