Strainge Soup

So it was a boring day and there hasn't been anything worth eating in the house for a while and so I decided to make some soup but not just any normal type of soup, soup I've made from scratch! so I pour a bit of water in a pot and started to cook some noodles and as I waited for the water to boil I began to think about what one would put into the pot in order to make soup, and searching my mind for things i remembered that certain syrups are put into many different types of foods as well as garlic, salt, pepper, herbs, and more. So I gathered what I could find in the kitchen which wasn't much. All I had to really work with was maple syrup, garlic salt, pepper, and cinnimon. Thinking to myself, knowing myself, I like these types of things; I decided, lets see how it would taste if these were combined into a soup. I did and when it was all said and done, well, it tasted very odd needless to say fore somewhere between the syrup and  cinnimon, I had mixed in the wrong amounts to have the right taste that work in normal foods. lol oh well lesson learned.

jjjogg jjjogg
22-25, M
Mar 28, 2009