Creative? Well I Try

Talent, I may not posess, but I am, and always have been on a creative quest.

From the age of 9 I became an enthusastic cook. My first dishes were a zucchini salad and banana custard. Pretty simple fair, but as a little boy I recall that overiding sense of accomplishment.

I`d say that I`m a better than average cook these days. Being a stay at home dad I get many opportunities to induldge my culinary obsession. I love African and Spanish cuisine the best with all those vibrant colors, strong flavours, healthy natural ingredients and divine aromas.

Being a cook for an 18-month old boy is also a wonderful means of testing my creativity. How many ways can you hide green vegetables, so as to make them palatable for a fussy toddler?

Writing has always been something of a passion. My head is a blur of stories, memories, adventures and chaos. Only I lack the vocabulary to express myself vividly. I have fun writing, but mainly indulge for my own amusement. There have been a couple of amatuer writing competitions that I have won, mainly short-story & autobiographical, but for the most part I write only for me.

Crafts is another area of self expression that I get great  peace and joy from. I have been a candle-maker, both working for someone else, and as a business of my own. For almost 5 years I travelled the nations markets, and had my work displayed in a number of galleries and shops. The art of candle making may be simple in itself, but it does require a deal of skill and imagination to create something totally unique. Of everything that I have sampled in life, I believe it is in crafts that I have the most talent.

Musicmad is my name on this site, and it is not a flippant statement, nor a whim. I am totally obsessed with music. Alas, I have next to no talent. Although I get nothing but unadulterated joy from trying my hand. I posess a number of guitars, and play on a daily basis. Although, now that I`m a dad I tend to stick to the accoustic, rather blowing the roof off with my Stratocaster, or Les Paul copy. Playing electric is wonderful because I am able to mask a multitude of musical short-comings through simple power chords, distortion, volume and effects. At present I am trying to teach myself some blues/folk finger-picking, which is damned hard work and tries out my patience no end. Playing slide is the style I love best, it is so emotive.

When it comes to making music, my greatest joy is that of playing simple nursery rhymes to my young son. Simple words, simple melodies, basic chords. But to see such a beautiful young man filled with joy, clapping, stomping, dancing and squealing with delight is creativity personified.

musicmad musicmad
41-45, M
Mar 26, 2009