Pants And Skirt Outfits

I have a number of matching pants and skirt outfits, and as long as I don't make the colors clash, cross dressing is not only fun, but saves a lot of money on having to buy new outfits. It's so easy to just take matching sets and see what skirt or pants goes with what blouse or top from another outfit, and sometimes the different combinations make it look like a whole new wardrobe. When we were teens we always called it mix and matching. I didn't know they changed the name to cross dressing, but I recommend doing so for all you gals who would like to go out in something new without having to buy new clothes.
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4 Responses Nov 15, 2011

Yes you can mix and match but you also need accessories. Scarvies add color and are oh so feminine.

I love jeans! Marcy, please post new pic of those jeans!

I just bought pair of jeans today, and think that will also help. Jeans go with about any top.

Am, I can''t exactly agreed with this. I spend more money to my feminine (which is finally the only one), than used to be for the manly, when I was tried to denial, and I'm good with combinations, and also I like to pick up new clothes, which are mostly fit into the existing ones. Also seeing many of my colleagues, they are clothing simply. Since I'm in my current workplace I saw only two shirt our lead developer... So considering the amount of money which I spent for new clothes. Its not always cheaper... And I think I didn't need to mention the accessories.