Girl's Jeans Again - The Best Disguise!

I usually buy women's jeans at Wal-Mart - "LEI" brand, "Rider," "Signature," "Miss Tina," "Faded Glory," and others.  If I can get them in a 6T that works best.  But I need the length for most circumstances, so I get 8T if that is the smallest tall size.  I have some 4 & 6 Tall (Long) from other manufacturers that fit quite well.  In skinny jeans I can wear a regular because I either tuck them in boots or when the ankle is showing it is OK with heels & sandals.

Wal-Mart is usually my go-to place for jeans because they hit all the new trends early and immediately mark them down when sizes are depleted or a new fashion trend emerges.  They also do seasonal markdowns early.  Additionally, the reason they have few in my size (6T) is the same reason I often find them on the sale rack - fewer women in my area wear that size.   

I just bought 2 pair of low-rise, very tight, flared jeans with back pocket-flaps in size (junior) 7T.  They fit great and stretch so well.  They are absolutely skin-tight except for a slight flare at the hem.  They fit nicely over wedge or thong style sandals.  Some chunky heels even work occasionally.  Add a fashion belt, buckled on the side and I've got the twenty-something-girl look nailed.  The look is enhanced by one of my "Spanx" type shapewear singlets.  It brings in the actual waist nicely above the low-rise hip-huggers.  Top this with a stretch tee-shirt or tank and I can replicate a modified hourglass.  I wear them everywhere and do not worry about the fancy pocket designs.  If people are looking at my pockets, I'm not looking at them.


I've written this before, but when I dress androgynously, I often get more approving looks than disdainful.  I think that if you can get into these fashions and fill them, you look pretty fit.  Looking fit usually trumps the gender-mixing thing.  The high wedged shoes usually help with the filling out because of the lift. I can walk in them as easily as most girls & women.  They really don't have much more height than clogs.  I have little hope that we will win the dress-as-you-like battle soon, but I do think that androgyny can work well if we choose neat outfits that fit us, regardless of the gender disposition.

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4 Responses Aug 18, 2012

Faded Glory are my favorite jeans of all !! They fit and feel so much better than men's jeans ! Love your thigh boots ! Beautiful profile photo ! Stunning legs !!!! Would love to be in your circle of friends. Please add me. Thanks

You look wonderful. Wish I could get away with womans jeans - my legs are much too long for uk sizes...

I do the androgynous look most of the time. in the past year I have only one person say negative comments. And I must say you do look great! I wish walmart here sold extra long jeans.

Great look! I think your androgyny strategy is the right approach. I think it's easier for people to "swallow smaller bites" initially. Plus - you wear clothes that fit well and look good on you.