Freedom To Express Myself As I Wish

i just recently was lifted from a fear of being myself. iv always loved dressing and acting like a woman, however id only do it at home most of the time. there have been quite a few times where i have gone out in public like a woman but the fear of ridcule and embarassment was there even though i wasnt ridiculed. ive been lifted from that fear and i am ready to go into public more often as a woman because i dont care what anyone thinks of me. i have the fereedom to express myself as i wish and i love being able to be myself. right now im just looking for more information about crossdressing as well as more support,
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I don't actually cross dress as much as I used to (though I still crossdress, don't get me wrong), but I now wear makeup on an almost daily basis. It started with just foundation, powder, blush, a little nude lipstick. But I've increased it to include my eyes - and everything about it - mascara, eyeshadow, eye liner. Once you're used to wearing it in public, others don't think much about it. You should also try acrylic nails, not too long, just beyond your fingertips and a light pink nail color to start with.

I can suggest the The Men Wear Bras Forum. at
In the 2 years and 2 months I have been a member I have gained a lot of confidence wearing womens clothes in all my daily activities. In so much as I dont wear make up, I don't wear a wig. I'm just a guy dressing in womens clothing everywhere I go. It'so much fun.

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