Emotionally Molested Concluded

She was there comforting me. I think she was shocked at what had taken place. In the past when they had shared their bed with a third or a couple it had been more of a party atmosphere. This was no party. Our relationship was altered forever. In the beginning I had been her boy toy and I enjoyed every minute of it as a boost to my male ego. But I was no longer a male in my eyes or hers. I truly was her girlfriend (or at least one of them). In the future we would still try to spend time alone together because we both needed the intimacy. The way we had sex was different too. A lot slower and mostly oral because I couldn't maintain an erection. But that didn't mean I couldn't ******. I would *** when I was flacid and have multiple *******. When we both wanted penetration we would share a double ended *****. Our relationship lasted about a year. Eventually he insisted she marry him. I guess my time alone with her made him nervous but I wasn't the only outside relationship she had. She decided to marry him for financial security. I couldn't accept it. I WANTED TO BE HER WIFE. I even suggested I could become a prostitute to support us if she would be my pimp. But she married him anyway. I broke things off and lost touch with her and a regret it to this day because I've never been in love like that since.
lindawannabe lindawannabe
Sep 9, 2012