Acting Like A Women

So this is my first story that I'm writing so please bear with me if it isn't that interesting.
Well I started of at a young age. around 7 or 8, right around the time my parents got a divorice. I'm 19 now so I've been CD'ing for a while now. But when i first started i was confused on what sex i wanted to be, and the fact that i wanted to escape reality and become someone totally different because of my parents. I know now that i do in fact like being a male, but i like being/acting like a female too. I've watched other females around my age so i got the concept of how to act... So since i was like 7 i tryed my hardest to act like a female and dress as one. So now that I'm 19 now and living with my sister i dress a lot more. I never really got to dress that much when I was living at home, with my mom. Her boyfriend that she has now i've known now since i was about 8, (that's when they got together). Now he is 59 i think, and he thinks I'm gay and has called me daragatory(
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Worship it i have

Hi Krista,

Thanks for sharing your first story. Divorce can be very difficult on a family. I hope you can crossdress while living with your sister in the apartment situation.