My First Summer As A 16 Year Old Girl

My mom caught me dressing when I was 12 and she was cautiously supportive. She had me wear a dress around the house in the evening. That summer, I spent two weeks at my aunt's house, living as Mary Beth. My mother had me dress more and more, with the idea of getting out in the open, eliminating the "secret thrill", it seemed.

The summer I turned 16, I told my mother that I wanted to stop dressing as a girl. It had been almost four years since I was out, and did not want to keep doing it. But my mother made the point that we'd bought more dresses for me than boy clothes, I'd grown my hair longer, and my mother wanted to make sure it wasn't just a momentary thing about stopping. I'd been spending a few weeks every summer at my aunt's house in Cleveland as a girl. But this summer, she wanted me to spend the entire summer there as Mary Beth. I made it clear I did not want to do it. But my mother said that after this summer, if I did not want to continue dressing up, THEN I could stop.

So we got all packed, stopped at the beauty salon to get my hair done, as we usually did. My hair was real long as I'd grown it because I was spending more time dressed as a girl on the weekends.

My mother wanted me to go full in, as they say. So I got my hair colored blond, very blond and cut and styled like Farrah Faucette's hair was back then. Farrah was the poster in every boy's room then. I had my makeup on, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't believe it. I smiled, but kept thinking I didn't want to keep doing this.

So by the end of June, I was at my aunt's house in Cleveland. My cousin's Ann and Margi were thrilled at my new hairstyle. They'd known about this and I'd spend the last couple of vacations there as Mary Beth, and hadn't seen me as a boy in almost 4 years. I guess you could say they saw me grow up as a girl.

So I spent the summer as Mary Beth. My cousins really never considered me a boy anymore. My sister came to visit a few times, and of course my Mother as well. I celebrated my birthday there, and I got 3 new dresses, another new purse, and couple pairs of shoes, several new shades of lipstick.

Ann and Margi both had boyfriends then and we all hung out together. There was this guy who was with us who kept wanting me to go out with him. I'm not gay and did not feel good about this whole thing, but Margi kept saying I should, just for the summer. We were only 16, and it wasn't like anything was going to happen.

So I gave in and it was three couples spending time together. His name was James and he was nice looking, but I wasn't gay, still not (now very married). Most of the time, it was just running around doing things together, but the first time we were alone, he wanted to make out with me. I didn't want to, but he assured me, nothing more. So we spent what seemed like a long time necking on the beach. When Margi found us, she just smiled. She was the one who thought I should stay as a girl and not go back to being a boy.

Anyway, after that, me and James did a lot of kissing. When my mother met him and James gave me a kiss on the lips in front of her, she didn't say anything. Later, I asked her why she didn't say anything about it. She said boys and girls kiss all the time. I tried to inform her that I wasn't a girl, but she stopped me. Right now, you're a girl.

When summer ended and we had to go back home, I had this long blond hair that looked like it belonged to a woman. I had to get it changed back, which I did. At the beauty salon back home (who knew I was really a boy), they asked me if I really wanted to go back to just light brown. My mother was looking at me and waiting my answer.

Before the summer, I had wanted to stop cross dressing. But as I looked at myself in the mirror, a young lady was looking back at me. I knew I didn't want to become a woman, and I knew I wasn't gay. But at that moment, I knew I wanted to look more like a woman, even if I was a boy. We decided to keep the hair style, which caused some problems at school, but I figured I'd only have two more years, before graduating and then I could do as I pleased.

I never wore makeup to school, but after school and weekends, I'd usually wear makeup and dress and look like a woman, even if I was still going out as a boy.
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i grew up with 4 sisters and all girl cousins,that liked to dress me as a girl from an early age,when i went to school,i wore my favorite dress...but my school did not approve,and asked me to leave...and i did...i still dress like the girl i want to,s great fun to be the girl you are lucky

A time in the summer to find who you are on the inside! Yes boy in a dress but a happy boy in a dress! And one hell of a good family around you!

What a great teenage experience. I think you were very fortunate to be able to do this.

indeed! it is sweet to wear misses clothes all the comfy and soft

nice sister,
your mother is supporting to you for enjoying your cd. you are lucky . enjoy doing cd if you are feeling nice after dressing.

Wow! the childhood many of us dream of!

Thanks, Vickie, though I didn't realize at the time, I have appreciated it over the years. I was in my cousin's wedding after my first year of college, I'll have to write about that soon.

I hope you do.

Interesting story, Mary Beth, and thank you for sharing. I definitely would love to hear about those couple years of school and what happened with you keeping your feminine hair style. In school I kept my hair on the short side for a girl, but long for a boy. I never had a problem ... but then my name is androgynous and I looked and dressed pretty androgynous too, so I was accepted as who I am. So since we are in the same age bracket I am curious and want to hear more about your experience.

Could it be considered harsh not allowing you to return to boy mode that summer before vacationing at your Aunt and cousins house? It's great that things did work out for you the last two years of high school.

nice story. i also grew up being dressed as a girl and constantly told that i would be better off in life if i forgot that i was born with that "birth defect" between my legs. which was also the reason why i had to be diapered 24/7.
thanks to puberty making it's explosive first spurting of cumms all over my mom's hand and arm during a diaper changing. i instantly LOVED the new ways being diapered and wearing frilly girl's clothes turned me on. likewise, i also suddenly became permenantly immune to being seen wearing wearing diapers and short frilly petticoated dresses.
long story short, when i was almost 19, my mom passed away. and although i knew what i really was by then. i had absolutely no desire, nor any interest in giving it all up and trying to be a boy. so, i went on to explore the rest of my life as a fulltime (t)gurl.

then one day, i caught the attention of a very understanding and supportive lady. one question lead to another. and within a year we were talking marriage. we've been happily "married with children" for over 18 years now.

oh, just incase someone else hasn't already told you. you don't have to be "GAY", to enjoy dressing as a girl, kissing a boy, or even enjoying sexual pleasures with boys. that's just being lucky enough to be "BI". :)

hope you've enjoyed life as a "gurl", half as much as i have! :)


You seem to have done a fantastic job keeping your boy and girl personas in balance. I felt the same way. I liked dressing but I was always attracted to girls. I hope you look back at the summers in skirts fondly.

very fondly, Kim. I spent the next two summers as a girl, which precipitated the decision to live as a woman when I graduated from high school. I stopped living as a woman full time when I was 26, but fond memories and many pictures remain.

Nice "tease" about what we hope will be additional stories soon on the rest of high school and living as a woman the next eight years, much less your life thereafter. You weave your tale very compellingly- not only your stories but your follow-up responses, like this one.