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Crossdressing With My Wife

Married twice, both wives accepted me wearing their panties. My current wife of over 25 years now is comfortable with me in panties, bras and hose. I have always loved fem lingerie and have always lavished my wives with lots of it. Today, my wife and I shop together for fem underwear for both of us - it's a beautiful experience. For me it is totally a sexual fetish and while I sometimes do dress alone, I prefer to dress with her and share a full and free sexual experience. I enjoy being a man and I enjoy being the dominant party in sex, even when crossdressed. I think this is why my wife accepts me in women's underwear. I am still a man and she is still a woman and we are enjoying all the pleasure that our joining together can bring. I think we both understand that its the feelings, the emotion and the raw desire that matters - everything else is an enhancement. in this case my pleasure increases my desire for her and that makes her feel good.
Some men (I am sure) fantasize about being with other men while dressed (and I don't mean that this makes them gay or even bi- necessarily) as the final expression of their feminine side. (I would be interested to hear this confirmed). I feel my feminine side emerging when I dress, but it does not give me a desire to be with another man, it makes me want to be with my wife and dress her in sexy lingerie as well.
I realize that I am so very fortunate -I live with my dreamgirl.
mcmouse50 mcmouse50 56-60, M 4 Responses Dec 15, 2010

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You have a jewel of a relationship. Glad to hear about how it turns you on. For me I dress with my wife as well, in all ways, but not in public, only under dress there. She keeps me well supplied with lingerie, dresses, and tops. I like being a male dressed in women's clothes, many are more comfortable. As for the fetish aspect, absolutely positively primarily for sure over the top. The more fetish time the better, I like it to be full time as much as possible so the sexual aspect overflows outside the bedroom.

The thought of being with a shemale while dressed is a complete turn on for my wife and I both. I think about being with a "regular" guy also but after I get "relief" those thoughts are gone.

My experience is similar to yours only my wife is not as much into the dressing. She doesn't ob<x>ject to me dressing but she prefers not to do it together. I would love to go shopping with her while in my femine mode.

Yes, you are very very fortunate. But, good for you! ...and, your wife, too, of course.