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I am turned on by seeing my husband crossdressing, he enjoys wearing panties, pantyhose and all types of lingerie, him crossdressing is a major part of our bedroom play. We often wear matching panties, or matching lingerie and have a few sexy costumes also. Most men who crossdress spend years trying to figure out how to tell there partner, many who have told there partner are surprised that there partner actually accepts it and likes it. Its a great way to spice things up in the bedroom and many woman I have talked to say that a man that likes to crossdress makes for a much better lover, I would have to agree with them. They express he is more intune to her needs and is unselfish, plus the fact that crossdressing excites him so much and he pays so much more attention to her pleasure. Thanks to our society becoming more open minded many woman are relaxing and not jumping to conclusions when it comes to finding out there man likes to wear panties, pantyhose or lingerie. Some woman will be totally fine with it right from the start, they will not even question anything they will just go with it, and others will be met with resistance and you will have to communicate with them and ease any concerns they have. Check out our profile for more about us.
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I'm single and bi- omg its so fun...people are so open up nowadays to try new

My wife tells me that she has never had better sex with anyone..!! She also said that she wishes she had ****** a few more crossdressers when she was younger

I love your story and we have a great one to share..My wife is out at a store called "Hotties" here in Las Vegas buying my a new dress the shy say's "Will look fantastic on you.!"

We can certainly relate to this article. After reading your article I asked my wife about how she feels (in a joking voice as I know how she feels). Her reply was... "After the first time you don't think that I would ever have sex with you naked.
Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

my wife loves that i like wearing panties and nightgowns. i always try and please her because that is what i get off on.

my wife is ok with me crossing too i wish we could find other couples close by that we could dress and hang with

Where are you located? We would love to join you.

omg some people are just so lucky

Hi Guys, loved reading that, couldn't agree more. I am really lucky to share my fetish with my wife, she's always been really kinky anyway, but she agrees since we've been doing it, we've had our best sex ever.