I Just Love To Wear Dresses

I am a hertosexual male, happily married with 2 kids, who has been secretly cross dressing practically all my life. I have never disclosed my secret to anybody or any forum until now. I started dressing when I found a pair of my sister's panty hose in the dirty clothes basket and "just had to try them on". It wasn't long until I was sneeking into her room when no one was around and putting on her panties, bra, skirts and dresses. I had to stop when I started to get much bigger and taller. When I got married, I stopped dressing for a number of years but for some reason got the urge again. So I started to try on my wife's clothing, bras and panties. That didn't work very well because I am much bigger than her. Now I've purchased online my own bras, panties, hose, a dress and a couple skirts, wig, shoes, etc.... I keep them hidden away when there is family around. Since everybody is away now, I'm having a ball dressed up in my little black dress, hose and pumps. I've even done my nails and put on a little make-up. I keep telling myself that I should find other people like me, but I never have. I know I don't pass very well as a woman. I just get a kick and a turn-on when I slip on a pretty dress and watch some TV!
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Cait, I was very much like you, I dressed in secret for many years. I dont know how much you are into this, but I always wanted to be a girl. I knew I was a girl on the inside , just not the outside. I tried to live a normal male life, but couldnt. I got tired of sneaking around to dress and finally told my wife, she wasnt happy, almost left. I would dress mostly when she was gone or sleeping after that. But soon that wasnt satisfying my needs. I wanted it all of the time. I told my wife i wanted to feminize myself and she told me to go ahead, that it wasnt possible. Well herbs and hormones can and will make you a woman. It did me, I kept that hide from my wife for quite sometime, until my breasts were so big loose big shirts couldnt hide them, hee hee.I showed her one morning after she had come home from work how much a woman I was. I stood before her in bra and panties, she couldnt believe the woman I had become. I live as a female 24/7 now. We still live live together, but we both have are own sex partners now. Not one another no more, but we are still friends. I just wanted to share this with you. Love Raeka

To bad your wife doesn't know it's so much more enjoyable dress not to have the worry about getting caught

Sorry your wife is not open to all this. As be mentioned, the fall out is just around the corner after being caught. You truly should communcate w/her before a problem. Wish you the best on the course you have chosen. Look out for that valley after the high.

She was out for the week, so I ordered it early enough to arrive while she was gone.

question , in your story you said you ordered stuff like bras online, my question to you is when the shipment would arrive at your house how did you keep your wife from finding out what s inside the package? :)

enjoy yourself girl! If your like me, the hard part is changing back.

Yes if your wife has no idea be prepared for the fall out they may come. But there is no cure for our secrets because we love to dress and take pleasure in it so there is no cure and most of us have started with our mothres or aunties or sisters clothing when we were younger

cait58 i was caught by my wife and after 35 yrs marri3ed she moved out. i think i have more clothes, shoes, and everything else than most woman do. i started when i was 9/10 i use to wear my mothers stockings and shoes. the last few years before my wife moved out i started getting to brave and trying to get her ok on it but never happened. just be prepared for the day you get caught.

Or even "am some TV"?