Last Night To Dress For A While

It's been a hard couple of weeks at work and with my wife visiting friends for the weekend and my son out of town, I've been able to take the day and relax as a woman. It was fun last night doing my nails and dressing up in my little black dress. After a couple glasses of wine, I was really bold and joined this web site and started writing all about myself and sharing it with you. I've never done that before, but I've always longed to connect with other girls like me and share experiences. Today I tied my hair (wig) back into a ponytail, put on a comfortable skirt and a spagetti string top and hung out for the day. It was raining, so there was no need to go out. I did some household chores since I have to hit the road tomorrow for a week. I've got my work done, so I think I'll have a little dinner, drink a little wine and let the woman in me take front stage and relax.
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6 Responses Jul 10, 2010

im happy those days are past for me. i dress up anytime i want in whatever i want and if i feel like it i go out shopping or just a walk around the block. the freedom of it all is great.

Thats great. Funny thing is that my story is the same. I am enjoying a week, where my wife is away, and I have been taking full advantage of the time. Enjoy.

Just doing what a lot of us do. Enjoy.

Sounds like a lovely time you had, we all need that sometimes.<br />
<br />
Hugs, Jessica

Good for you yes it is good when our twin sister comes out to play I am very fortunate because I live on my own so I am dressed as Abigail most of the time it has become that Abigail likes being out of the closet so much she even goes out shopping and to clubs .Abigail is loving life out of her closet

I love it when I have the house to myself, especially when it involves several days and nights. Planning ahead I do everything I can so that I have as much free time when my wife is away so I can spend time just being Kate. While my wife knows and accepts my cross dressing, even to me being fully converted in here presence, she is not aware of the darker side of Kate. Kate is far more adventuresome than my male-self, so when Momma is gone, Kate dresses up in sexy clothes, plays with herself as if she was some ****. It is great fun and very arousing, and it is probably good that it can only happen occasionally. <br />
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Kate Sands