Lovin Crossdressin

i love to dress up! i have always liked to but really hadnt been able to do so much. the feel of panties on me is incredible! the one i love has reaally been a great help for me she gives me tips on what to wear and how to carry myself.it seems like it has really intensified of love life.
dawesman32276 dawesman32276
4 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I do all my own shopping1...Too bad if people do not like me doing it!....I am HAPPY when I do it...every day!....I am more woman than male and love it!

Men that are lucky enough to have a wife or girlfriend that goes along with panty wearing are in for a special treat in the sex department. The sex is so intense its unreal. Men that don't partake are missing the boat on this one. I would encourage all women out there to get their man in some panties and report back on the resulting sex session.

How far do you take your cross dressing ? You are so lucky to have a partner who encourages you . Can you tell us if you have ever ventured out and if so does your partner love having a girlfriend who she can go shopping with

Lingerie spices things up!