High Heel Love

I started to dress after my wife and I had been married for a couple of years, she had started to wear sexy heels less and less often, and I have always been a admirer of sexy feet in sexy strappy sandals.
She had a couple of sexy pairs left in the cupboard and one dinnertime I just had this crazy urge to try a pair on, she was at work herself, so I was alone for an hour with this pair of shoes.... I am a UK size 7 and she a size 6 so it was not hard to slide my foot into her shoe.
This became my habit from then on, home for lunch, put those delightful brown leather strappy sandals on and be in paradise for an hour! Of course I would have to relieve my pent up sexual feelings at the end of my lunchtime and would return to work satisfied.
Over the years she has become a sensible shoe wearer and I have progressed, I think strangely it is some kind of natural progression, started ith a shoe, then a pair of stockings so the shoes would look more natural on, then the suspender belt and knickers.
I used to drive home when working away from home wearing a full set under my trousers, one day I stopped at a rest stop to use the toilets. That was my first ever meeting with another dresser. The cubicle had a, what I now know as a glory hole, in it and this hand came through.
I didn't know what to do at first, I was happily married, straight but sightly kinky in my dress sense!
The hand carressed my leg, stroking my stocking clad thigh, it snapped at my suspender belt then was withdrawn.
There wa some movement in the other cubicle so I put my eye t the hole warily, there in my view was a guy dressed in the same manner as I. He paraded around and prompted me to get up and do the same so he could see my full set.
I was so excited, this was amazing to see that I was not alone. I knew about crossdressers, but had never actually met any before, but now, in the same gents toilet we were there!
I was on a tight schedule so had to go, but arranged by note to meet this fellow dresser another evening when I would arrange more time. I did't know what to do at this next meeting, but knew I had to meet him again. 
This started in the mid 80's and now like I said, I have progressed to wearing the full outfit and feeling very sexy in myself when I dress fully.
I don't go out with the idea that I will pass as a woman, I just dress to please myself, but if that pleases others (there is a club I go to dress up now) then that is great for me.
I have met other dressed guys in various places over the years, my wife doesn't know that I have an alter ego called Sally and I know she would not tolerate that other half of me so to you guys who do have an understanding partner, hang on to them, you are very lucky!! :-)
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

We all can't have it all, I suppose ... My GF lets me dress , as long as not too obvious - mostly tells me to change my shirt or button one more cause my bra is showng... An I haven't gone all the way with the hair and make up so far.. I can't pass as a gal either.... But underneath my guy clothes ....and of course my shoes and high heels are pretty much daily routine even under my 'man work uniform' .... My PH wlll suffice until my nest day off to enjoy a bikini or skirt n heels ... Good times.. Never been with a guy to share ... More interested in meeting a pretty lil ladyboy with a nice ***** to **** my mouth and *** hole . Best of both sides/ worlds stuff. ;) <br />
I fancy those prettiest of girl packing big dicks tucked between their legs . Would lke to meet and greet someday - even another CD or TV - someone to share my stories and adventures and desires would be very enjoyable... heavy sigh....sd

I can sympathize with the alter ego. Because I'm married I can't pursue my feminine dreams. And I have a good marriage and enjoy the relationship, but its hard not having that one need fulfilled. My dream is to come home and have a set of clothes laid out for me, which would include really high heels. <br />
<br />
I do feel lucky that I did own a few nice pair of boots for a while and had the opportunity to wear them for whole days at time.

Good for you . I think most of us our dressing has an evolving element to it .I dress because I love feeling so feminine But it upsets me because I have no one to tie up my corsets for me . I would love to meet a girl who would help me to embrace my femininity and help me to tie my corsets