Schoolgirl Dressed Me In Her Clothes Part 1

How I became a cross dresser with a fetish for schoolgirl uniform,humiliation,small **** humiliation..Cardigan button fetish. all because of one dominant schoolgirl.
my mother used to work just past home time from school so i would spend an hour or so with lady next door and her 14year old daughter i was 12 its a long story but we always went out to the garden shed to play she was one of those girls who liked to play games like nurses, teacher ending in her one day stripping me naked and dressing me in her school tights,blouse,tie,gymsplip and grey cardigan i know now i was enjoying it ,she would play school mistress i im sure schoolgirl every time we played she would have reason to belt my bottom and rub my winkie and tell me how small it was it was her who named me Rachel she would make me write punishment lines “my name is sissy Rachel with a tiny winkie was not sexually mature and just thought it was a game this went on regular for a year until i reached puberty and was getting aroused and started wanking during our games she told her mother i exposed myself to her...after a hard belting from my parents that was the end of that.....I now felt the urge to wear girls clothes as a sexual thrill and getting to the age of constant wanking i was always stealing sisters and mothers panties to wear but i wanted a school uniform like i was dressed in by carol....

couldn’t believe my luck my mother was collecting clothes bags for charity one came from my two older girl cousins house and as they had just left school a full bag of school clothes i stole from the bags 2 pair grey tights, school pants bra, blouse a button front grey gymslip and grey cardigan i hid them at the back of my cupboard and a few weekdays and every Sunday i got dressed just feeling good and wanking looking in mirror this went on till i was 18 then things progressed....write soon...Rachel
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have you ever tied your self up like this

what ever happen to the girl next door

Did you ever play soccer, netball or volleyball dressed up? If your current partner will not oblige you might try one of your local "ladies of the night". Assuming they might have a big garden which is not overlooked. I managed to do this once with several mature ladies all dressed up as schoolgirls but it was expensive. £200 for an afternoon's unforgettable fun. Regards Andrew Hayman

It always had to start some how the dressing.

Love your story. Would have loved to have shared your time while you were dressed in your buttoned gym slip and cardigan....

Sounds like fun !!

lovely story, I enjoyed it.<br />
xoxo<br />

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Did you ever thank that girl for introducing you to cross dressing?

when she left school she left home to work as a nanny,when she was home one time visiting i met her in a bar and she talked about it and i told her she turned me into the pervert i now am

What was her response?

she laughed as we talked her 13 year old daughter was with her who looked at me with disgust as they left she gave me a little humiliation asking loudly if my winkie was still the size of a 3 year olds

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I think I would have loved this experience when I was a kid! I so wanted to wear a girl's uniform, but never had the chance ...

That is an interesting story and I enjoyed reading it and could feel your thrill. Thank you for sharing it.