My Wedding Dress

oh my god girls. i am wearing the most beautiful wedding dress. i told my friend stacy about my love of crossdressing and she's so cool about it. she invited me over and is letting me try on anything i want. right now i'm wearing a white lace corset lingerie and a beautiful white wedding dress. i feel so sexy i just had to share. i'm hopin this turns into my fantasy and i can get stacy to make love to me while i'm dressed. i hope i hope
LacyJane LacyJane
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This is my ultimate fantasy, I love everything bridal!

OMG Lacy Jane!<br />
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You have had the thrill of living my biggest fantasy. When I 1st got "hooked" as a youth wearing my mom's things I eventually ventured into trying on her 1930's vintage satin bridal gown. I barely recall the thrill that it was as I hadn't even reached puberty yet. Now at 70+ I so wish and dream of the day that I might be able to "dress" in a lovely full skirted, ball type, floor length, charmeuse satin wedding gown. Tragically I know that at this time of my life that is not at all likely to happen!<br />
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Hope the experience was fun? Nothing like the first time in a dream come true.

Sounds great Lacy Jane. I got to wear a wedding dress once and would love to again. You are one lucky girl.<br />
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Did Stacy take charge and **** you?<br />
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Love<br />
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