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Trip To Walmart Today

Today I got up and decided that I was going to go to Walmart dressed in short shorts.  Well I got up and put on my panties and bra.  Then I put on a pair of non shiny nude pantyhose.  As I was brushing my hair i decided that I would also wear an ankle braclett.  Well after I had my shorts and shirt on I put on my shoes.  As I was driving to Walmart I almost turned around, but I continued on and went shopping.  While I was shopping I saw several ladies looking at my SHAVED AND HOSED legs.  I guess you could say that I wanted someone to comment but no one did.  If they did notice nothing was said.  Well I even stopped and talked to a couple of ladies.  I think next time I am going to wear my semi-shiny nude pantyhose and a very fem looking shirt.  I just wish that I had somone to take a picture,but I don't.  Well I 'll let eveyone know what happens next time.

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Hun, take your own camera & who can refuse you when you ask for your own pic; duh.

Wonderful story Elaine, thank you for sharing. Like you< I have gone out many times wearing pantyhose under daisy duke style cut offs. The responses that I get from GG's are awesome. Some just cop a feel while the shy ones ask first.

There ya go .

Oh, I'm sure somebody did get a picture... watch for yourself on that awful "people of Walmart" photo site :-)<br />
<br />
Seriously, Elaine, you have more balls (heh) than I ever did... I could never go anywhere that I might be seen. Sometimes when I go out to get our mail (2 miles away on a rural road) at night I won't feel like putting on man clothes for a trip in the dark, so I'll make that four mile drive in whatever dress or skirt I happen to be wearing (our car is parked in back where nobody can see me going from house to car). One of these days I'm going to hit an icy patch or blow a tire or something and be stranded two miles from home in a dress... the idea scares the crap out of me but also gives me a little thrill of excitement wondering what would happen.<br />
<br />
Question, do you think you pass when you go out dressed or is it obvious before/after you speak that you're male? A lot of people who think they pass simply don't, so I'm wondering if people failed to comment because they didn't know or because they didn't want to make a scene.

wait till you get run down by the cops at 3 am doing 85mph dressed to the nines in total **** attire. Now that's an experience. I ain't kidin.

I'm sure someone in the store got pictures. Just wish they had shared them with you. Congrats on the courage it took to go shopping dressed.

Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted .