Trip To Walmart Today

Today I got up and decided that I was going to go to Walmart dressed in short shorts.  Well I got up and put on my panties and bra.  Then I put on a pair of non shiny nude pantyhose.  As I was brushing my hair i decided that I would also wear an ankle braclett.  Well after I had my shorts and shirt on I put on my shoes.  As I was driving to Walmart I almost turned around, but I continued on and went shopping.  While I was shopping I saw several ladies looking at my SHAVED AND HOSED legs.  I guess you could say that I wanted someone to comment but no one did.  If they did notice nothing was said.  Well I even stopped and talked to a couple of ladies.  I think next time I am going to wear my semi-shiny nude pantyhose and a very fem looking shirt.  I just wish that I had somone to take a picture,but I don't.  Well I 'll let eveyone know what happens next time.

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3 Responses Jul 9, 2011

Wonderful story Elaine, thank you for sharing. Like you< I have gone out many times wearing pantyhose under daisy duke style cut offs. The responses that I get from GG's are awesome. Some just cop a feel while the shy ones ask first.

I'm sure someone in the store got pictures. Just wish they had shared them with you. Congrats on the courage it took to go shopping dressed.

Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted .