Cross Dressing Dream

I don't know where to start, last Sunday, my wife and Deb got together and asked me to **** them both, they did not **** each orther as last week. We started in the hot tub, at a hotel, it was late in the evening, 8 or so, she climbed on top of me with her legs spread as wide as she could get them, reached down and held my **** in her hand and put inside of her, it went deep in her, she kissed me so softly, she asked me softly in my ear to **** her slow, very slow, mind you my wife was sitting next to us, it was a very strange feeling, i made love and i mean love to Deb, she ****** me for about 1/2 hour, she came about 3 times, she even gave me 2 big hickeys, the woman was just in need of this, and my wife was happy to help her out, then my wife backed on me, she too held my **** in her hand and put it in her ***, **** me hard, she came twice.

then we went up to the room, and all get dressed in matching lingerie, all red, all three of us, the idea was to blindfold me and let me **** each of them and know know who i was doing, i could tell, my wife is not as tight as Deb is, but i gave them a good show, i finiayl came deep in my wife, ( again i know where to butter my bread) then we all feel a sleep dressed, got up about 6, showered, together, and one last nice **** of Deb and we cam home, this gal still has not had sex with her husband, but she is getting with us and my wife seems very happy with how it going, i enjoy it, and i love to be asked to dress.
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

sounds like a perfect understanding, I am sooo jealous ;-)

That is hot

That is so hot, I wish my wife was into that kind of thing! Amazing.