Dress Shopping

The biggest problem with taking four dresses into the fitting room is the danger that you will adore more than one of them!

Never even tried on the men's dress shirt I took in there with the four dresses. I picked the largest fitting room at H&M, and if there were security cameras, well, they got an eyeful. I was dressed rather androgynous when I came in, but almost entirely in clothes from the women's department: stretch jeans, shoes and a turtleneck, all in black. When I shed the outer layer, though, there I was in a cute printed thong and white camisole.

Of course, I tried on the slinkiest dress first, and loved it! I'd brought a special necklace that a dear friend made for me (perhaps there will be photos soon), and it was framed perfectly by the pattern in the form fitting dress. Twenty five bucks. Had to have it. When I peeled it over my head, the camisole came with it. Then of course, I got to check myself out in the mirror wearing nothing but the wonderful necklace and a rather sexy black and white thong with pink trim. I could hear other shoppers and the store music as I enjoyed modeling, with and without the dresses. So, after trying on the other three, of course there was a really cute beige dress that made me look just a bit more curvy, nothing too fancy, but there will have to be a pair of cute sandals to go with it. And, a hat, and some day maybe a little purse.
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You do tend to buy more when you try on four dresses.

Sounds like a lot of fun! When you took your dresses AND men's shirt to the fitting room, did they happen to say anything about it or question you?

I know I have read about a lot of guys trying clothes on or even taking assistance from associates, but Ivan still pretty shy about even shopping.

I love shopping but get so scared doing it

Sorry I just looked at your profile, I guess being a tg they prolly never questioned the dresses... Lol

No worries, I generally present male, but leaning toward androgynous. Within the TG community, I'm pretty much on the CD side of things. Shopping can be fun, and I've very rarely had even slightly negative experiences.

Oh my, JCP must have gotten way more than an eye full ! I shop there very often, trying on more women's lingerie and heels then you could possibly imagine !!! Guess I'm going again this weekend !!!

Awesome ... shopping is fun, especially trying on things like a new dress to see how it looks and fits, isn't it!

Sems the cameras got more than an eyeful. I knew someone who worked antitheft at JC Penney and she told me al department stores use the security cameras.

One of these days I'll take a sopping trip like yours ;)

That thongs sounds loverly! ...except they do not feel so nice in between my tush cheeks! lol

I'd still like to see you in one, but you look so sexy and adorable in most anything you wear.