Your Are Not The Boss Of Me.

Is what I keep telling myself. The truth however is that Valerie is in charge most of the time. When I do my drab stuff, like golf, motorcycle rides, happy hours at the bar I always think about her. About the only time I don't wear any of her clothes under my drab stuff is when I'm on the bike. You just don't know when you're going down and if you're hurt they will cut your clothes off right at the accident scene. If I'm lying in the street in agony I don't want to be the one with the sexiest underwear on. They will discover a bikini tan line though, oh well.
If I have to go on long drives which I do a couple of times a week. I can't bear the thought of not having her with me so I pack a bag with her clothes and find a way to change for the ride home.
Last night I drove 100+ miles to meet friends who have no idea about Valerie. As I was driving most of my thoughts were about Valerie. Where did she come from? Why did she pick me? Why won't she leave me alone? Why do I hate her? Why do I love her? There were many more that seemed to come easily while I was driving. Lot's of questions with few answers. Anyway I got to the bar, hung out for a few hours and then left. As soon as I hit the highway I started to get changed. Found my pink lace bra in the bag, removed my shirt and put the bra on. next was breast forms in. Did I mention I love my breast forms? They feel like the real thing to me under a soft lace bra. Then came the golden brown camisole, Chocolate aka brown v neck sweater with gold shiny threads all through it. Really looks nice. Removed my shoes and socks and jeans and slid into a black pencil skirt. I had been wearing nice pantie hose the whole night so it slid on easily. Then 3"black pumps. 7 bangle bracelets on my right wrist and a watch and bracelet on my left. Then earings. I have a pair of black clip ons, I put one of the bangles on each and they worked perfectly. Looked just like giant hoops and hung great. Everytime I move my head I can feel them moving against my neck. Man, I feel like a woman. Next was a shoulder length auburn wig which I combed and surprisingly it looked as good or better than when I'm at home. Topped it off with a couple of squirts of Obsession and some bright red lipstick. I felt so sexy and comfortable it was amazing as it always is when I'm Valerie. I got off the highway and took country roads for the next 70 miles and stopped a few times to get out and walk. There is just something magical about the click of a high heel. I can't seem to get enough of it. After the first walk, probably 150 yards I got cold. I wrapped a beautiful golden brown scarf around my neck loosely so it covered my chest and I was toasty warm. When I got home I walked straight to the mirrors and was just amazed at how I looked.
I'm doing this kind of ride more and enjoying it more. I did one earlier in the week during the day and that was very exciting. I didn't notice anyone paying any attention to me even while stopped at lights. I was kid of disappointed because I really wanted to make eye contact with someone. I guess that's part of our secret desire to get caught.
What to do today? I'm waiting for the ups and fed ex guys to come. I've got orders at Belk, Her Room, Body Central and Fredericks of Hollywood en route. So excited, it's like Christmas. Valerie will be so happy and sexy and we both love her that way.
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

glad you get to enjoy your femme side

thanks for reading my story Christine. Loved you pictures by the way.

You sumed up my life. Use to ride motorcycle and did not shave legs for the summer for the same reason. Did get into an accident and they did cut off my riding suit and pants.

I think we all have similar stories and lives. I would shave my legs in November when I could wear long pants instead of shorts. I would keep them shaved for only a short time and had to get hair back on before shorts season would come.
How badly were you injured in the bike crash and were you wearing anything sexy? I wonder if I'd even care that I had panties on? I'll bet the emt people have seen it all before. I added you to my circle Meg, but I don't know how to become your friend. Would love to see your pictures.