More Underdressed Fun

It's still cold here so underdressing in bra and panties is still an option. Under a bulky winter coat there is no sign of what I'm wearing and my bra is something that only I know is there.

So today I was summoned to jury duty. WooHoo!

I put on my newest black lace thong (I'm addicted to lace thongs and I'm getting much braver with the wal-mart self check isle) and my borrowed (essentially confiscated) bra that my wife has forgotten about. I didn't stuff the bra because it does show a bit more than I'm ready for in most public situations and headed out.

I knew I'd have to pass through a metal detector on my way in but I'd done this in the past and couldn't recall the machine alerting to my zipper or to any of the other women when we'd gone through. But still I was a bit nervous as I stepped through the gate after emptying my pockets. I feared that it would alert to my bra-strap and I'd have to explain to the guard after the wand search that I was, in fact, wearing a bra.

Fortunately it didn't happen and I got to sit quietly with a few hundred other people for an hour waiting to be excused.

Now I'm home, enjoying my fuller figure for the rest of the day. I have an unanticipated day off and get a few hours getting to be the woman that I know I really am before normal is forced to return.
Rosso70 Rosso70
41-45, T
Jan 7, 2013