Another New Experience For Me

So recently I've been getting braver and braver about my underdressing and most mornings I'll switch to a lace thong and bra after my wife has left for work. I'll wear them all day and switch back just before I leave work and head home.

About one day a week though I have to travel to one of our other locations for training and troubleshooting purposes. Most of my other stores are anywhere from forty minutes to two hours drive away. So today as I headed out to a store I was happy because the extra drive time would mean more time with my boobs in place in my bra. I intended to keep the bra on all day (hidden under my blazer) but the boobs have to get left behind in the car.

So this is where my normal routine took a turn for the better. As I was preparing to leave I was waffling about whether or not to remove the bra and switch underwear before heading home. My wife would undoubtably be there already and it is outside of my normal routine to scurry behind a closed door and change clothes as soon as I arrived. On the other hand, I would hate not staying as feminine as possible as long as possible when I had an hours drive to play with.

In the end I kept the bra and panties, reinserted my boobs in the car and headed home, deciding to figure something out on the way.

What I decided was inspirational.

About halfway home there is a small country town and just past it there is alternate route that is slightly longer but virtually deserted road. I took that route and as soon as I cleared the town I peeled off my shirt as I drove and for twenty minutes or so I was able to cruise down a country road on a gorgeous afternoon semi-topless, except for my bra and (fake) breasts.

It was glorious!

I realize that it isn't normal for a girl to drive around ******** to her bra but for me it was fantastic. It was a perfect thirty minutes of femininity, daring and naughtiness all in one.

There is a long way to go before I can get to anything other than a weird guy wearing a bra, but for a few minutes I felt like a teenage girl.
Rosso70 Rosso70
41-45, T
Jan 17, 2013