Straight Sissy

I've been a member of EP for some time now and it seems to me that as soon as the word sissy is mentioned it's assumed that we all have small penises, desire (in most cases) to be humiliated and, are at the least, bi-sexual.
For the record, I love dressing as a sissy. I wear short skirts that show my frilly panties & suspenders. I often wear a french maids outfit or a sissy party dress, all of which, usually are accompanied by sexy, frilly or slinky lingerie & high heels.
Having said that, I'm in a great relationship with an understanding woman - although she would prefer to see dressed in more 'normal' female attire when dressed en femme. I have no desire to indulge in any sexual activity with another man. Nor being penetrated with a *****. (Nothing against those that do).
I'm a straight guy that loves being a sissy.
zymack zymack
66-70, M
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Same here. Straight sissy altho I do enjoy humiliation and Im in a cuckold relationship. I have zero desire to have anything up my *** except my G-string lol

Well said I am the same, I dress in silky lingerie and wear a satin nightie to bed and I have been married to the same Women for 40 years and she approves of my fetish.