Today I got off early and headed home. Of course I was under-dressed and as soon as I got home I raided my wife's closet and pulled on some hose and a favorite dress. And I also, for the first time, hit her make-up kit.

My wife and I happen to have almost the same completion (pale and pink-ish) but I've noticed that she tends towards heavily applied layers of subtle colors. As I opened her kit I wasn't very impressed. Lots of variations of beige in the box. But since I was curious I went to work and did foundation (liquid), powder, eye-shadow, rouge, mascara and lipstick. Even without training and specialty cosmetics for men the result was amazing. I felt ten years younger and somewhat feminine. My skin was (at least for an hour or so) amazing.

My next step is to find a wig (on the cheap) that will finish the transformation. After that heels and a few outfits of my own.

Thankfully I am the household laundry slave and I could hide outfits in my wife's closet and she wouldn't even know.

I'm wondering now how much, if any, make-up I could get away with wearing without drawing too much attention to myself. Any suggestions?
Rosso70 Rosso70
41-45, T
Jan 18, 2013