Lingerie Saleslady

My favorite cross dressing fantasy is to become a saleslady that works for a huge store that only caters to women and all their cloths To dress in female clothes and work with women and talk to women about what panties or which thigh high hose I prefer agaist my skin. Also help to fit young women in bra's, panties, garter belts, hose, dresses, skirts, blouse's, shoe's, boots, EVERYTHING that women and myself put on our body. By to all,,,,,, Sexyjet.
sexyjet sexyjet
56-60, M
3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

no good for me my **** would always be hard

Wonderful fantasy! I would luv to work in women's fashion

mmmmmm......I like the idea! Quite stimulating just thinking about the possibilities-thanks.