Another Fantastic Under-dressing

So I was at home alone today and after about an hour I was in full dress mode. I had pulled on my hose, panties, new bra (another story) and my wife's new nightgown I'd bought "her" for Christmas. I decided I needed a few things from the store but I didn't want to redress for a quick run so at the last minute I just pulled my jeans on over my hose and tucked my nightgown into them. I pulled on a bulky coat and checked myself. I wear a 38B but its a lined push-up and with the home-made forms beneath there is a fair amount of curve even with the coat.

I said "the heck with it" and headed out. I felt so gloriously naughty with my satin nighty swishing around under my coat and my C-cups pushing out. I brazenly walked into the store, made my purchases and headed home.

Can't wait for the next opportunity.

Rosso70 Rosso70
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I love winter time because I can wear a big coat. I will often wear 2 super padded bras so that I you can see it without the coat. I love having pronounced C cups and walking around wondering if anyone will notice. Under- dressing is great. I almost always have panties on and if I can manage it, a bra. the challenge of not getting caught and the threat of getting caught makes it very fun. I want to get a women's bikini and wear the bottom under my guy suit at the pool this year. ;) happy under dressing.

this story kept me wanting more

Underdressing is so good!To wear a complete feminine attire under our ugly male clothes is incredibly exciting.<br />
I've often spent many hours in public under-wearing shorts, skirts and slightly stuffed leotards.<br />
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