My heart is ready to beat out f my chest!!!! I just got done shooing at Ross and I bought my first nightie!! I am so excited, but on top of that I also bout two really cute skirt panties!

I was doing pretty good walking through the aisles and looking for what I wanted, I even looked through shoes!! BUT when I got to the check out this really big muscle head guy got behind me, soooo I was very nervous but I kept my composure!

So I get to the actual check out and the lady picks up my nightie and starts looking at it, holds it up an admires it and says "wow this is cute" haha so I'm like yeah I like it, I hope my wife enjoys it too!

On to my skirts, she does the same thing and shows them to the other checker and starts saying wow these are super cute, what are they? Crotchless panties?? Omg my heart is racing now, I know my face is beat red! I reply they are fun time panties for valentines day lol, they all laugh, I pull out my debit card, I can barely pay I'm shaking so bad...

But I did it, paid, grabbed my bag, and walke out...

WAY TO GO ME!! Now I just can't wait to get home and try them on tonight, unfortunately the wife will be there so I don't know if I will get the chance :-(

Anyways... Time to find some heels still
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Times are changing and people are becoming more and more accepting. Have you thought about talking to your wife about it? What if upon talking to her she was really cool with it? Then you would be able to wear them when ever you wanted. She might even take you shopping or buy stuff for you.

;-). Watch out! I blew a fortune lol

Good for you. What are you going to shop for next?

I don't know yet, I'm still trying to find a pair of heels, but I'm also not to sure what the wife will think

Do you know your size?

10.5 men's, so I'm guessing 11.5-12

DSW and Payless have nice heels and are reasonably priced.

Women's shoes run about a size smaller so that seems right.

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Haha nice! I still get a rush when buying sexy ****. I hate that! lol

Wow that sounds fun. Wish I could see the excitement on your face.


So I got to wear the nightie last night! Wow!!! It looked and felt awesome! My wife seemed to be ok with it too! we then made very passionate love (twice)


You are very lucky! Enjoy

What a great outcome for both of you! Go shopping for Valentine's Day and get matching nighties.

That would sure be a lot of fun!!! I don't know if she is ready for that yet though...

Great job! I guess I have it easy cause my wife shops with me. I still get excited with panties but I get really antsy when she tells me I have to try on a dress before I buy it...

She does think its funny whe people tell her I'm the most helpful husband they ever seen... If they only knew!

I still get jitters after all this time. Bought five different sized nighties at a thrift store the other night. Even though the older sales lady asked of the wife (had my ring on) my hand was still shaking just enough to be noticeable as I hande her the money.

Lol, it's awful!!! I was so nervous! I had my ring on and everything! I just couldn't grip it lol

Try buying a petticoat when it's really difficult to sell this as being for the wife!

I so remember my first store purchase - it was a very short frilly slip with panties attached. I was shaking all over at the check-out counter.

enjoys yourself hun

The thrill of the hunt!!

oooooh I can feel the thrill through your words! wow I love that thrill,. Its going to be nothing compared to the rush when you start trying them on. mmmmmmm X

Good story! Sounds like those sales clerks were having fun with you. Now its your turn to have fun. Go home and try those new things on and enjoy yourself.