They Fit Better, Haha

I love wearing men's jeans because of the hips.  They don't make mens' jeans' hips in a half-hourglass shape like womens'.  It bugs me because womens' press against me too much.  The wasit, hips and thighs are usually too tight.
But the mens' jeans fit perfectly.

Men's shirts are better too.  Looser, not a second skin.  I hate those babydoll tees, yucky.  I hate raising my hand in class to ask a question and having my stomach exposed, bleck!!

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3 Responses Dec 12, 2008

Ladies as the post from "OhioSissy"aid If you want to rid your self of those horrible items, Just let me know, Im a six 6/med. I applaude your assistance in raising the leval of exposure of preferred taste, of those who wear the other genders clothing.<br />
Thank you ladies,<br />

Ever want to get rid ofthe girl stuff, let me know!

I totally agree with you here, especially on the babydoll tees. I think they're the worst. When I raise my arms, my midsection and my armpits (I do shave) are totally exposed. It makes me uncomfortable...