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I am a heterosexual crossdresser. I started when I was younger; I had an older sister whose closet and drawers i would occasionally raid. Now she lives somewhere else, I still live at home, but I have nothing to wear. Anybody got any suggestions?

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thrift stores. they often have nice things at lower prices

buy buy

Go to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Church bazaars, and you can buy a whole wardrobe for under $100. and you can try things on there as they do not have any sales clerks----look at the labels to see if they are worn/washed/etc and only limit yourself to the newer things and the styles that you like...lisa

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You'll need to decide initially which style you feel comfortable in: my first dressing was in my sis in laws clothes, who preferred the 'long and elegant' look: blouses with calf-length skirts, black tights etc. Her lingerie was a dream, with silk and lace in pastel colours. This look is still my preferred type of outfit.<br />
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Mail if you want any tips<br />

Hi there well the first thing you need to do is measure your self. Get a cloth or plastic measuring tape and then find a clothing website that shows you how to measure each part of your body. Take all your measurements and then figure out what size clothes you take. Do that and ask for help if you need to. Samantha

Hi i would like to know how old you are first so I or we here at EP can apropreatly make logical sugestions to you. Are you in school or do you have a job all that kind of stuff. take care Samantha

Crossdressing is not a crime! You have to be who you are. If your mother finds out explain it to her calmly. Maybe she will surprise you.<br />
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I used to hide my things in the attic of the garage!!

I have an Idea for you , if you have a car of your own just buy your things as we used to do and hide them inside the spair wheel at the back of the car ,, she will never find

One garment a week!...Go with your input!<br />
save $3.oo a week until you can afford to buy something you want!!<br />
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Have patience, you are only a young girl!!

oh, trust me, we've had many talks. she just doesnt listen. i guess i'll just have to wait, cuz i dont have a job at the moment, and (obviously) wont be able to move out until i dont. well, thanks you two! you've both really helped a lot. but what about when i go to buy something? since i dont really have anything (and am rather impatient) i'd rather not spend months or years building up a wardrobe, if you know what i mean.

Well, the problem is, like I said, I live at home, and my mother is a MAJOR control freak and literally goes through my things

Go look through thrift shops until you have the confidence to purchase new at a department store!