Unfair World

I am a straight, happily married man with a job but I have desires to dress.  I especially love high heels probably because of the way they look so great on women.

I wish I could just go out in public wearing whatever I want.  It is an unfair world.  Women can bodybuild, drive a truck and race cars but men can't even wear a dress.

I know many great people online would say to just do it, but the repercussions are great.  What do we do?

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8 Responses Mar 29, 2009

Do like I do; if you have the urge, then dress!

You should go do a show and when she sees how much money you make on tips she will probably become your manager!! There is a couple in Panama City that does that...whell she is not the manager but she is at every show

I am the same way , EXCEPT, I am a woman in a mans body. I started by wearing a bloue or slacks or shorts that were female. You could also start with getting your ear lobes perced. Then work out. 1 piece at a time. If she asks just stell her all the guys are wearing these. If she does not mind then get a little bolder. If she ob<x>jects then say ok. Sit on the couch and look down at the floor or dont say anything. She will ask you what is wrong and you tell her. I have been married over 40 + years. My life now helps me to buy things that she thinks are sexy. Try it. If it does not work then go back to your old way. Love will always find a way. Rebecca Anne

I decided a long time ago, that crossdressing was part of my life. I often dress openly.

Either a person loves you for who and what you are, or is a farce.

I know exactly what you're saying. There are double standards all over. If a woman goes out to the store in her husbands suit and tie, it's considered "sexy"(well...I admit, it IS sexy, but this isn't about me ;>). But if her husband is beside her wearing her skirt and heels, he may get a different reaction. <br />
Do what makes YOU feel good. And if that's means dressing at home for now, so be it. Someday a time and place will present itself for you to take it another step. By then who knows, your wife may come around. Mine knows I do it, but she isn't ready to be involved yet. Just give her time.<br />
There are also a great many support groups that can be found online and many of them organize "gurls night out" type events. They are very low key and held in places that are very tolerant. You could look for one near where you live. I hope this helps a little!<br />
XXOO Brenda

live the dream bro...it is a total fetish I'm okay with..would love to see pix..wanna send some to me?<br />

No, she doesn't really know. One time I suggested it 'for fun' and she freaked out. It was almost the end of the relationship.