Bi Guy That Loves To Dress In Lingerie With Other Cd's

i have a massive passion for wearing sexy lingerie with other guys that also like to slip into some satin lingerie. i have been to many panty parties of 5 guys have been the most and all of us have been wearing panties suspenders ,basques and nighties all touching one anothers satin cladded bodies. i dont really want to be a women but i do find that they are so lucky in the bedroom to have so much erotic underwear  to chose from in the bedroom. Whilst dressed in sexy panties a whole new persona takes over and the **** really kicks in . i so love to have a **** infront of me that is incased in satin panties to lick and suck through. i am a bi guy but i find the need to dress with other cd's for girly nights in seem to be growing much more alluring..xx

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

I like your profile. I love dressing with other guys (and girls), too, though I've enever enjoyed 5! I like fully cross-dressed guys - I love knowing there's a lovely hard **** waiting for my up that sexy short skirt or dress. I can enjoy guys without the feminine touch OK, but I think TV's generally have a much better sense for sensuality. Anyway, like you I adore sucking. i love the taste and sensation of a hot trannie shooting into my mouth. My girlfriend likes me cross-dressing, too - she makes and buys me clothes - and she's very keen to see me with another guy and quite happy if he were a TV. So if you'd like to get in touch, I'm dickthepic on the old yahoo thingy in the UK.