I am a crossdresser from Australia I have been dressing since I was around 5 yrs of age. I am bisexual I have very limited experience and want to learn more and meet people and share our thoughts and desire for being a woman. I am not passable and I don't try to be I just enjoy the feeling of wearing womens clothes

auzziecd auzziecd
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Thank you for the comments I have not tried the Salvos yet has anyone ever had problems buying from there?? I do bu at BigW but getting very hard to buy nice shiny panties any ideas ?? hugs to ou all

AussieC.D!...G'day, You go Shiela!<br />
Living in Adelaide, I feel so happy as a dresser1<br />
Buying clothes from Big W and the salvos is a good life!<br />
...It is YOUR life!...YOU enjoy it,,,That;s the main thing!

Hello Aussiecd:<br />
<br />
I am so very happy that you embrace your crossdressing, a lot struggle with that part.<br />
<br />
dreess and enjoy always<br />
<br />
hugs and kisses<br />
<br />
Marcie L