Im A Girl & Love To Crossdress !

I like to dress like a guy sometimes. Its so fun to show my masculine side. Im not a very girly girl even though I have a sweet face and ppl say Im pretty but I love wearing suit or such so. It makes me feel cool!


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Oh thats so sweet ! but I also look sweet in my birth suit ;P

Its not a ****** man's world ! Especially when same sex love is accepted ;)

You see - women do have it all! What is this myth that it's a man's world? Good luck to you DD. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks ...<br />
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Many hugs!

What a wonderful thread! And, you rock girl! So glad to see you post.

I will definitely upload them here if I have a chance to have a shooting in suit .. but I can wear my husband's suit for fun though lol

You are an amazing looking girl Dolly and I bet you are also an amazing looking man. Love to see a photo of you in a suit and tie!<br />
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Love Kathy

Thank you Jennifer ! ;D<br />
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Elliey, I agree with you that cross dressing is so much fun !<br />
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Hugs,<br />

Not so fair but it's true what you have said, girls have more clothes to choose from ..<br />
But guys look good in simple clothes anyway while if girls wear similar things all the time,<br />
It would be so boring ;)

Guess I never thought about that before. Hope you enjoy it. Still say females have the better clothing to chose from. Yes, you're correct about the rights issues. Guess our society has a ways to go then. Love!

Dear Sammi,<br />
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So many things in this world are just unfair, that's why there are so many movements for rights. I don't really care what people say anymore because when we are sad, they are not sad with us, then what to care, live you life to the fullest. Everyday is worth happiness.<br />
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With love,<br />

I get saddened by the double standards that I experience.<br />
I’m sure you look awesome in a suit and that you don’t experience any social pressure about your choice to crossdress.<br />
But (especially in this country) if a guy puts on a skirt, blouse & heels it’s almost like the sky is falling on him.<br />
Why can’t we all just live and let live?<br />

Yeah, do whatever makes you feel comfortable, not only to please men :)

Yes I say you need to do what is comfortable If you want to be a guy then that is totally your choice as it is my choice to want to be femme so it is not about pleasing men Good on you trans masculine man Dolly Diva

Totally agree ;)<br />
Keep doing it!

i love crossdressing too it makes me feel so sexy

Yeah, its fun to crossdress ;)

You are a very sexy lady! I would love to be able to wear some of your female clothing! I also am a crossdresser as you must have gussed.

Just sometimes Morsh really ;) Its fun!