Dressing For Fun

I am always amazed at how much fun the entire process is to think about going out dressed in a short skirt and heels.  I get excited weeks before a date that I know I will be going out, and it only intensifies as the day gets nearer.  Then, the day.  Reality!  Taking the time to pamper, decide what short skirt to wear, laying out the clothes, putting on make-up, pulling on nice black hose.  It doesn't get any better.  After dressing, the drive is awesome.  Watching people in other cars not knowing.  Noticing truck drivers looking down at my legs, with my skirt riding near the top of my hose seams.  Smiling.  Sometimes, I will meet several other girls at a "friendly" bar.  And it is exciting to see them dressed -- and to be seen.  I feel like a different person when dressed.  Different attitude, different look, and a different inner feeling.  It is always a good time.

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I know what you mean when you go out with other girls it can be so much fun from the getting ready to the actual going out and seeing how all of the other girls look. I really need to get out again with the girls been in kind of a stay home funk lately

Oh yes!!!!! Just thinking about getting dressed arouses me. I shower, shave, then apply makeup, and slowely put my silky lingerie on. I have to keep my hands away from my panties as I dress or I will make a sticky mess on my nylons befor I'm finish.

Ahhhh, that wonderful difference. The play, the dream, so different from the day to day grind.

I totally agree. I feel exactly the same and I am a diifferent person when dressed.

You go girl!....You are enjoying yourself!<br />
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Live your life to it's fullest!<br />
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Life, in any form is GREAT!

love your story. crossdressing is so much fun.