Look At Me Everyone - I Am A Crossdressing Sissy

Hello... please call me tinkerbell sissykins. I love being feminine and wearing ladies wear.  Pink is my color and being a pretty sissy is so much fun. My love life is perfect because I get to be the lady of the house. My wife is very demanding and I cherish her dearly. Things are stictly her way and I love being her submissive sissy lick toy. I wear panties and a bra every day!  Everynight I change into a babydoll and panties for bed unless my wife selects something sexier for me to wear for her pleasure. She sleeps naked but I love being a sissy so much I wear frilly satin and lace to bed. I shave my legs and underarms and keep a trim little bush, just like a lady. Friday night is tinkerbell night, I have a pink ultra feminine sissy outfit. Frilly bra and panties with matching pink garterbelt. Sheer pink stockings with cute little bows go perfectly with my pink pumps. Pink petticoates and a pink dress almost complete the outfit. The best is the pink satin and lace choker and wrist cuffs with little bells... hence tinkerbell!!!  I love to model and prance in my super feminine sissy wear. My loving wife has helped me become the best tinkerbell sissykins ever and I love it.  Several days a week I change right into a skirt, blouse, heels, and stockings when I get home from work.  She lays out an outfit for me and I put it on immediately when I get home.  I polish my toenails and even ha ve a sexy pink bikini that I wear to the tanning salon... I love my pretty sissy tan lines. I belong to my wife as her submissive, feminine, oral, obedient sissy. I love everyminute of it and want to become more and more of a sissy for her amusement and entertainment. Look at me! I am so proud to be a sissy. I love to dress just like a lady and be the pleasure giver she desires.  I love her so much and I am so happy when she sits me down and tells me what to share here. I am wearing polkadot panties right now, just like a good little tinkerbell should. Nothing would make me happier than to wear an ultra feminine sissy dress all day every day. I admit it and I am proud of it. I wish she would show me off to all of our friends and have a coming out party for me as tinkerbell! 

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Mar 6, 2010