Touching Her Body Like She Has Just Touched My Heart And Soul

First of all I feel that the art of cuddling and truly making love has been perverted and not fully understood...the reason I feel this way is because so many people think that cuddling leads to sex, well it does, it is a sign to your mate that you want to be close, you want to feel her body against your and you want her close to, my generation perverted making love for when you are doing this your mind, heart and soul is with the person you are making love to as an expression of your love, wanting her to share this very pleasureable thing and to become one with her, to lose yourself in her and she to lose herself in you...I love to cuddle after making love because of the love, passion and need of having her wrapped in my arms once more
PoppaBear53 PoppaBear53
56-60, M
Oct 26, 2011