Paradise Feeling

In the heat of your body

In the fondness of your arms

I feel like floating.

Your chest is my rest

Your perfume, my air.

Your love, my desire


Thoughts in my eyes

Wishes in my mouth

Gentle kisses, soft hugs, tender love

Long sweet passionate making love

Ending with a night of pleasure

Full of cuddles


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4 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Cuddling after making love is a must.I like to hold and caress my lover,enjoy the oneness of our souls.This is my soulmate and partner for life am laying with in the moments after our sexual union.I want to hold,caress and kiss her,tell her I love her.Even go to sleep in her arms,with my **** still inside her.Now that is heaven on earth.

Total contentment, drifting into sleep cuddling all night long. Beautiful Princess.

Wow, your story is beautiful. Cuddles tendereyes! Smiles

This is truly beautiful. I love cuddling!