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In my home, I have a very large, black and white Manecoon named Mr. Mieshka (meeshka).
He doesn't realize that he is a cat, he thinks he is a little hairy person. My mom and I saved him from a mother's neglect soon after his litter was born.
We live on a farm, you see, and it's very common for cats to spread 'em and multiply. All of his little brothers and sisters were frozen to death on scene except for him and his sister, a calico. And so we took them home and bottle fed them and kept them warm. His sister did not thrive, and eventually passed a few weeks later. Mieshka, however, continued to grow till he became the 17 pound fat, hairy, stinky, bastard we have today. And I love that freakin cat to bits. He's very charismatic, and luckily, de-clawed. We had recently acquired a french pit bull puppy and the puppy and the cat wrestle. Mieshka will legit Launch himself at the puppy. It's freaking hilarious. He's now about 3 years old.

But my story title implies that there is more than one, and that is correct. We still live on a farm, and 6 of our cats all had kittens at once.. Now there is a whole pack of them out there.. But I do love them.. (not just the kittens) there's Fuzzy-man, Diva, Snow, Molly, Monty, Jerry, Noir, Hazel, Sheba, Seymour, Midnight, Shadow-man, Casper(who I also call Dutch), Twilight.. Then there are still the few wild ones no one can get close too... And it's kinda funny.. They all live in the barn some 600 ft behind the house.. When they're out of cat food.. They all crowd to our 6x7 cement steps of the front door... Ahh yes.. It makes me feel like a crazy cat lady..
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That was so sweet,

Gotta love 'em

I have 2 big ones and a 6 month old kitten. Call her july (wild child) seameaze wants to play all the x with the older ones it is so cute to watch.

Aww, I miss my old Siamese cat... It was the first and last cat my father ever... You know what? I'll put this into another story~ Then you'll see it....^_^

I can't wait to read it my siamese (july) is such a mess she alwais wants to play,,I will put it in a story.

Okay I wrote one about my wiid child I talk to cats Miss,July aka wild child

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