Whiny, Old, Cross-eyed, Cranky Cat

I remember my mom always telling me stories of her and my father before I was born. My mother and father were never married. He had come from a divorce or break up with another woman previously and then started dating my mom. Which explains my 2 half brothers and sister. My mom especially told me about all the times she brought at cat home and that my father would drop it off at the nearest farm while she was out. Dad would never let my mom keep any strays. For a while though, she did breed Siamese cats, and I do remember having them when I was little. I don't remember what our female's name was. But the male cat was Sebastian. It was only AFTER I was born did my father let my mom keep them and breed them because I liked them and because it was sort of a side-income that brought in a lot of money. Old Sebastian was funny. He would always sit on the head of the couch and lick people's heads.. Stupid cat, we sure loved him though.
Shortly after my mom kicked my father out, I think I was about 6..., we had just had another litter of kittens. We had moved since because it was closer to the school my mom wanted me to go to. Now with me living with my mom, and my dad living 43 miles away, I thought that a good gift for him to keep him from getting lonely at the time was a kitten. So one day when my mom dropped me off at his house, I held a little white kitten in my arms. And me being his little girl, he couldn't turn it down. I decided to name the kitten Sebastian, after his daddy. So therefore started the journey of my dad owning his very own cat...
In 2001, I was at my dad's when my mom called and told us that our house had caught fire and none of our animals could be saved. The cats, the other kittens, our new puppy, our great danes, everything we owned had all been burned to ash. I was devastated... Not by the news that we were now homeless.. but that the animals all burned to death in our home.. Our paper was in a crate, the dogs were in the back porch, and the cats had a spot in the living room where they all slept together. My mom was at work when she got the news that the fire department was there at the house from my grandfather. She raced home and pulled in the driveway as they were carrying the bodies of the big dogs out of the house. I was still in 1st grade at the time. I was occasionally pulled out of class because I randomly would start crying in the middle of class. What was I supposed to do? I was 7! We managed to find a place that was renting out so we stayed there. Apparently, the fire had started out in the basement, I don't think we ever really found out why.. For the most part, the foundation and walls of the house were still standing, so my mother decided we should rebuild. It was her grandmother's old house and it meant a lot to her. I still remember pulling out various charred items from out of the house and into a massive dumpster out in the cold.. And we had been living there until my father recently passed in 2010.
I had since re-adopted my kitten Sebastian, who was now a 10 year old cat. My father, at the time, couldn't stand where he was living and decided to move, and he couldn't bring the cat with him.. So I brought him back home with me. With how bad my mom's allergies had gotten through the years, and that we now had Meishka (Read my previous story from here) who didn't really have an immune system, we couldn't keep Sebastian in the actual house. He stayed in a room down the hall from mine. Poor old cat didn't handle very well with all the change. He started getting sick and we had to take him to the vet a few times.. Within a few months, he did get better, but my mom didn't like how it smelled up there now with him marking everything and being sick and having loose stool all over.... So my mom decided to make him a barn cat. He was a lot better outside, but it had been a long time since he had seen any other cats, so he didn't really get along with anyone, just like my dad lol..
Time had started to pass, and I was seeing less and less of him. I think the neighbors might have been feeding him. Then when my dad died and we moved, we couldn't find Sebastian and we assumed the worse. Mom tells me that the neighbors might have adopted him. What was a present to the most important man in my life, became my last remnant and memory of my dad.. I'm sure they're back together by now... And I miss you both!

R.I.P. Daddyo and Sebastiano
You were both always there for me when I was sad to cheer me up. We had our mishaps and didn't always get along, but we always knew we'd still have one another.. 
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For some reason people that have cats always treat them as family,sounds like my garfield i will be lost if he passes before me he is 6 now.

is he by any chance big, orange and hates mondays?

yes he you are thinking right,

Hurray.. I named my one kitten Monty because he's got multiple toes.. Monty was an uncle of mine and he was very handy. It seemed appropriate lol

garfield was given to my wife years ago and we have been threw some stuff together.

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I pretty much cried typing this whole thing...

It will be okay one day you will find another that touches you the same (cat)