A Night That Changed My Life Forever

I do not have any fascination to cats as a kid. I resent being in contact with their fur. But one night, when my youngest sister and I were playing pool, a white little object suddenly stood by my foot, and gently rubbed herself towards my right foot. I gasped of shock due to that tickling sensation. She sweetly purred at me and started to climb up through my pants until she reached my shoulder blade; and rubbed her face in mine.

After that affectionate gesture of him, love for cats suddenly found its way to my heart. And from that moment on, I can never live without cats in my life. :)
LauraGalazDavis LauraGalazDavis
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Welcome to the world of Feline/Human companionship. Zeus is my world. Was a stray kitten my grandson' brought home to mama. When she had to move and get rid of the cats, I asked for this long haired blue eyed white Persian mix. We have been inseparable since.