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Cuddle Party!

I live in a pretty conservative place that frowns on public displays of affection. You can briefly hold hands in the halls at school, that's about it. No long hugs or kisses or anything. However, when we're alone, my friends like to cuddle a lot. At my friend's birthday party a few weeks ago, we turned on the TV and sat on the floor. We all cuddled and didn't leave anyone out. Not even the birthday girl's mother. We watched kids cartoons and just laid there cuddling for about an hour before we had to go home. It was fun. I'm glad we all understand each other and aren't afraid to show affection for our friends.

SparkyPanda SparkyPanda 16-17, M 2 Responses Jun 13, 2010

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Is it true? Are you a guy?

Is it true? Are you a guy?