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It was since my childhood that I love to cuddle…. This might a part of my traits as a daydreamer lol I loved to imagine stories like prince and princess, being saved by a prince, and stuff like that, so the pillow (the one which size was a body length) became my prince or hero ^ ^ Don’t blame me, blame my mom who picked some stories for me lol
One day I read that it was good to sleep without pillow, to put no pillow under my head and the best sleep position was to face the ceiling, hands beside the body….
I learn to sleep just like that, even not on mattress,  but on some wood layers like Gandhi probably lol
Even so, some of time I still fond of cuddling, especially when I miss the one I love. I will just sleep with the picture under my face, close enough to feel it, far enough to stare at it hehehe
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3 Responses Jun 23, 2010

lol u sneaked here while i was having my lunch, monster d?? lol<br />
<br />
aww, talk to my hand! lol i have made my explanation there why i cuddled my prince, but seems u too busy yipii yaayyyaay u won't listen to that ^ ^

yihii! When's the wedding? Where's your prince of my momma? I haven’t seen him yet..<br />
<br />
I LOL on Equis' comment. hehe! I also have not read a story of prince and princess cuddling. Wahehe.. I better stop laughing now before my boss see me.

hehe thanks for the website, have checked it, it seems logical explanation, but hey don’t bring mom in my issue lol she’s even a more sophisticated lady than her beautiful kid here lol<br />
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nahh, what I meant by prince and princess, I fantasized about me being the princess, and this fantasy took most when I had to go take a nap in the afternoon while I didn’t really want to – I preferred to play outside! – so I let my imagination grew wild hehe and my poor pillow became my hero in shining armor who I was cuddling with ^^<br />
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jackie's mouth was shut up when he sleeps so no drooling over the picture lol